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Simply select your medication and fill in a brief questionnaire. One of our doctors will review your request and issue a prescription if it's suitable for you.

CHD is a common yet serious condition that's caused by your heart's blood supply becoming blocked or interrupted by fatty substances building up in your arteries.

We offer a range of different treatments for CHD that we can deliver to your door if you have already been diagnosed with the condition and prescribed the treatment by your doctor.

Our service is right for you if:

  • you’ve been diagnosed with CHD by your doctor and you’re already receiving treatment
  • your condition is stable with your current medication
  • you’re under annual review with your doctor

And what it offers you is:

  • you can get your repeat prescription online instead of visiting your GP practice
  • your medication is delivered straight to your door
  • you get access to free advice from a registered doctor about your condition and medication whenever you need it

If you are not currently receiving treatment and are worried you may have CHD, you should book an appointment with your GP to see if you need any further investigation. You can also message our doctors for free through your online patient account if you have any questions about your condition, a treatment or anything else related to your healthcare.

Amlodipine for CHD

In stock. Prices from £19.99

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In stock. Prices from £14.99

Atenolol for CHD

In stock. Prices from £19.00

Bisoprolol for CHD

In stock. Prices from £18.00

Candesartan for CHD

In stock. Prices from £18.00

Front package of Coracten SR capsules 10 mg

In stock. Prices from £29.99

Enalapril for CHD

In stock. Prices from £19.99

Felodipine for CHD

In stock. Prices from £34.99

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Glyceryl trinitrate tablets

In stock. Prices from £29.99


In stock. Prices from £19.99

Lisinopril for CHD

In stock. Prices from £19.99

Losartan for CHD

In stock. Prices from £24.95

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In stock. Prices from £29.99

Perindopril for CHD

In stock. Prices from £19.99

Front package of Ramipril 1.25 mg capsules

In stock. Prices from £19.99

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